A sunny day in Bognor

Way back in December, before Helen returned to work, we had set aside a couple of days to spend together on days out with our children. We hadn’t banked on good weather in March, but as the forecast looked set for a fine and sunny day we decided to head off to Bognor by train.

Megan and Thomas seemed to enjoy the experience and looked very cute sitting together.

Megan and Thomas on the train to Bognor

Once we had arrived in Bognor, we made our way down towards the seafront and walked along the promenade. We found a good spot to leave the buggies and wander down the shingle bank to the sea. Thomas was keen to dive straight in whereas Megan was sightly more cautious.

We retreated a safe distance from the sea where we could let Megan and Thomas explore the pebbly beach. Thomas started tearing about whereas Megan found the uneven surface a little tricky so opted for collecting pebbles and shells instead.

Pottering about on Bognor Beach

Whilst we were reasonably contained in one spot we took the opportunity to have lunch. Megan, who had found her feet by this stage, was more interested in running off along the promenade than eating lunch!!

The rest of the day was spent walking along the promenade whilst the children slept in their buggies. We then had a chance for a quick ice cream before making our way back to Chichester on the train in time for tea.

The day doesn’t end here as we were staying overnight in Chichester to enable the adventures to continue the next day. With the children clearly tired after all the sea air they shared a quick bath before being tucked up in bed. Megan nearly fell asleep whilst waiting for me to warm her bottle – I don’t think I have seen her as tired.

Thomas getting up to his usual tricks with the bubbles!!

The men soon arrived home from work and we were able to enjoy their company swapping house moving stories and planning the next Francis and Harker family adventures.

The following day was spent at the wetland trust in Arundel with Helen’s friend Catherine and her daughter Amelie, who is a similar age to Megan. It is a great venue with lots for the children to do including feeding the birds and a lovely wooden children’s play area. We went on a boat trip, but this was aimed at spotting water voles and other well hidden wildlife and was not ideal for entertaining small children, who ended up being bribed with food to remain quiet for the duration of the trip! Unfortunately I did not manage to get any photos of this occasion so decided it was not worth a separate blog entry. We will have to return soon to fill this gap.

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  1. Megan and Thomas obviously get on well together. Who teaches boys to ‘go for it’ when confroned with pebbles on a beach and girls to be much more ‘sensible’?

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