Staunton Country Park

Now that I am on maternity leave and will be responsible for amusing both Megan and William on two days each week we decided that it was worth investing in Hampshire’s culture all pass.  This is an annual pass that allows unlimited free entry to a number of attractions including Staunton Country Park and Queen Elizabeth Country Park which are both local to us as well as several other venues in the wider county.

Keen to get the most out of the pass we headed off to Staunton Country Park for a couple of hours on Sunday.  With two pairs of hands and two children in tow, we opted to take both buggies incase Megan tired of walking.  However, once inside the park she was soon too busy feeding the animals to worry about feeling tired…

Megan feeding the naughty goat
The greedy llama wanted the whole bag!!

Feeding time was quite eventful – one of the goats was so hungry it decided to have a nibble of Megan’s hat removing it completely from her head in the process, and then the llama was so hungry it wouldn’t wait until the food was out of the bag! A tip I have since picked up is to take a small bucket for feed as this is easier for small children to hold and hungry animals to get their noses into!!

William spent the entire trip sleeping soundly in the pram. I think he likes the combination of fresh air, peace and quiet and the gentle motion of the buggy as this is becoming a fairly predictable pattern.  I wonder how long it will be before he is sitting up and interested in what is going on in the world around him.

Now that we are season ticket holders there was no pressure to stay for an extended period, however, there was just time for Megan to do a circuit of the adventure playground before heading home again.

Daddy visiting Megan behind bars!!

I am sure it wont be long before we are on first name terms with many of the animals at Staunton, and know every nook and cranny of the park!!

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  1. Great pictures . . . . . Megan, we always enjoy taking you to Staunton to feed the animals and look forward to visiting again soon. It will be fun to show William the naughty goats next time!

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