Diamond Jubilee Picnic Breakfast

As a finale to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations we met with friends (Helen, Rob, Thomas and Charlie, and Louise, Mike and Clara) for a picnic breakfast at Creech Woods in Denmead.

We all brought different items for our BBQ breakfast of sausage, bacon and egg rolls, with tea, coffee and an assortment of fruit juices to quench our thirst.  The dads did a great job of cooking the food and we were all soon enjoying a breakfast feast.

Rob and Mike doing the cooking
Picnic in the Woods

There was time after our feast to explore the adventure playground and play with the stomper rocket we brought with us.  Amazingly Rob found the rocket he launched into the undergrowth so we came home with a complete set!!

We were incredibly lucky with the weather as the first raindrops started falling just as we were getting the last bits and bobs back in the car.

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