Cycling on the bobbly stuff – Greenodd to Haverthwaite

It is now 4 days since Megan was presented with her new bike and having cycled the Ulverston canal path three times now we decided a change of scene was in order (for our sanity if nothing else).

We set off to explore the disused railway that runs from Greenodd to Haverthwaite.  I have to say the start of the journey was rather stressful.  Whilst William took the cinder track in his stride, Megan was not in the slightest bit impressed that she had to cycle on a bobbly path and made her feelings on this matter clear to us and most of south lakeland. However, we persevered.

The cycle path diverts off the route of the disused railway along another bobbly path.  After a small hill up and a short and sharp steep hill down (which were not passed without drama) we were relieved to find that the gravel path gave way to a tarmac road.

At this point the mood lifted and we all enjoyed the quiet slightly undulating country lane. William zoomed ahead and must have cycled twice the distance we walked.  With Megan having regained her happy face she started to throw herself into the cycling again and was soon whizzing up and down the lane with William.  The shallow inclines and declines gave Megan the opportunity to practice changing gear which she seemed to grasp very quickly and using her brakes both to control her pace and to stop the bike rolling away from her when she starts off.

Having reached the end of the track we made a u-turn and returned the same way as we had come, mindful of the bobbly track ahead.  This time, however, couldn’t have been more different.  Megan chose to cycle down the hill and set off along the bobbly track at a great pace.  There was not one grumble or one word of complaint.  I think the lower gears gave her more control and the practice breaking had given her the confidence to realise she could do it.

A few more sessions on the bobbly stuff and I think we could safely say Megan has got to grips with her new bike.  A great achievement in such a short amount of time.

Megan masters the bobbly path
Megan masters the bobbly path

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  1. If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again! Well done Megan for mastering the gears and the bobbly stuff.

  2. Well done Megan for cycling on such a rough road. Do you know how many miles you have been on your new bicycle?

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