Megan’s 7th Birthday Part 2 – Pets, Pizzas and Pedals

So….  The rain continues and so our plans for the week change.  Not wanting to miss out on the sunny weather due later in the week we bring forward Megan’s birthday celebrations so we can spend the rainy morning in the shelter of the cinema.

Megan was really keen to see the film ‘The secret life of pets’, which wasn’t actually showing on her birthday, so this change in plans worked out well all round.

Megan's film choice
Megan’s film choice

We arrived at the cinema early to make sure we got good seats.  We didn’t need to bother as we virtually had the place to ourselves, sharing it with just 3 other families!!

Waiting for the film to start
Waiting for the film to start

The film was great and we heard all about the adventures of Max and Duke as they learn to share their owner Katie, and Gidget the white Pomeranian steps in to save the day as Max and Duke get themselves into all sorts of trouble.

Once the film was over we made the dash over the car park to Pizza Hut for an early birthday celebratory meal.  We had a lovely waitress, who presented Megan with a birthday ice cream and even sang happy birthday to her.

Our only mistake was not to have had the meal before the cinema as we had allowed Megan and William a bag of sweets during the film and this had rather quashed their appetites!!

Lunch at Pizza Hut
Lunch at Pizza Hut

We wanted to try out the traffic free cycle path in Barrow after the meal.  Quite obligingly the sun started to creep through during the meal as the forecast had predicted.  Our waitress pointed us in the direction of the Dock Museum which was conveniently located alongside this cycle path and had a free visitors carpark.  We subsequently discovered that entry to the museum was also free, but alas it was closed by the time we returned from our ride – something to remember for another visit.

Red Man’s Way is a footpath and cycle way, running the length of Barrow’s slag bank site, in the area formerly occupied by the Hindpool Iron and Steelworks. In the 1870s this was the biggest Bessemer steel production plant in the world and employed over five thousand men. The processes involved in the iron and steel industry often left the men covered in red dust.

The path ran alongside the estuary (and in places into it) although it was possible to take higher level routes to complete a lovely circuit.

I don't think we can cycle this way
I don’t think we can cycle this way

This gave Megan and William practice in hills, stopping, and bobbly bits (where tree roots had lifted up the tarmac in places).  Both are gaining in confidence now although we made a mental note not to let them loose with Rob or Charlie Francis just yet!!

Back at the Dock Museum, Megan and William enjoyed playing on the pirate ship themed play area whilst the bikes were cleared away.  With a bit of luck the bad weather is behind us now and we can enjoy getting out and about again.

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  1. What lovely early birthday treats. It’s good to see you cycling so well – it looks an excellent track you found . . . . . . until it ended in the sea!! ????

  2. Megan’s birthday seems to have s t r e t c h e d and s t r e t c h e d with lots of exciting things to do and yummy things to eat. Happy days!

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