First Day at CJS

After a nervous couple of days, Megan woke up this morning keen to get ready for her first day at Clanfield Junior School.  She proudly put on her new school uniform, which was kindly purchased and name labelled by Grannie Annie and Grandad – a big thank you from us for that!

Megan was keen to scoot to school so with bags packed she set off with Lay and I in tow. 21 minutes (1.3 miles) later we were at the school playground where a group of nervous children gathered.  Megan’s soon forgot her worries as she met up with Maisie and before long the year 3’s were being ushered into the hall to meet their class teachers.

Megan ready for her first day at CJS
Megan ready for her first day at CJS

A big day for Megan as she is required to become more independent.  Our little girl is growing up so fast.  All we can wish for is that she works hard to be the best she can be and enjoys her time at CJS.

Good luck Megs – we know you will thrive in such a great school.

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  1. Megan you look very smart in your new school uniform. We are pleased you enjoyed your first day and we know you will work hard and enjoy your time at Clanfield Junior School. Hugs and kisses from Grandma and Grandad xxxxxxx

  2. Hello Megan – you look great.
    I’m pleased you enjoyed your first day at CJS. You will do well because I know that you will work hard, play hard and grasp the new opportunities that come your way.
    With love,
    Grandad xx

  3. Dear Megan
    You look very grown up as you set out on a fresh adventure at CJS. I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed your first few days in Mrs Weight’s class.
    Now you have an exciting opportunity to meet different friends, discover new places and try more activities.
    Have fun.
    With love from Grannie Annie xx

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