William starts at Petersgate

The time has come for William to start big school.  He is off to Petersgate Infant School following in his sisters footsteps.  He is really lucky to have the same teacher as Megan for year R – Miss Renton and we are sure she will bring out the best in William and help his first year at school be a great experience.

After the week long transition period where home visits are completed it is finally William’s turn.  Miss Renton visits with her teaching assistant Mrs Edwards.  William shows them his scrapbook and tells them all about his summer holiday before selecting his first reading book.  Its then time to get into his new uniform (thanks Grannie Annie and Grandad) and head off for his first afternoon in the classroom.

First day at Petersgate Infants

William is more than ready for school.  His strong, independent character will make the transition from pre-school to big-school very straightforward and his eagerness to learn and understand the world around him should see him flourish.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you William.  Good luck to you as you start your formal education – the gateway to your future. xx

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  1. Dear William
    You look very grown up in your new uniform. Enjoy school, work hard and you will do well. You are a clever boy and we’re very proud of you.
    Always do your best.
    With love from Grannie Annie and Grandad xx

  2. Hello William. You look very smart in your new school uniform.
    We are pleased that you enjoy school and are working hard and eager to find out how things work.

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