World War 2 – Anderson Shelters

Year 3 pupils at CJS have been learning all about World War 2.  For their homework they were asked to build an air-raid shelter.  This was quite a task and took several weeks to complete.  Megan made a book to record how she made it.  Take a peek and see for yourselves using the link below…

Megan’s Air Raid Shelter Book

We thoroughly enjoyed helping you with this project Megan.  Whilst Megan did the lions share of the work, it turned out to be a real family affair.  Daddy came up with the idea and getting hold of the supplies.  We all got our hands dirty at some stage or another.  William and I especially enjoyed helping with the papier mache.  Grannie Annie showed us how thrifty she could be by converting old food boxes into furniture for the shelter and using tin foil to make cups.  Grandad could remember staying in the Anderson shelter his family had in their garden and remembers having to bail the water out of it.  Even our old curtains had a role as they were cut up to make the bedding for the shelter!!!

Well done Megan and be proud of your work.  I hope you enjoy showing your friends your creation and that Mrs Weight recognises the hard work that has gone into it.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant – well done Megan. We love the excellent photo record about how you, with help from Mummy Daddy and William, made the shelter. It’s very realistic and just how Grandad remembers the shelter he used to sleep in.
    A great blog.
    Love to you all, Grannie Anne and Grandad xxxx

  2. Wow! What a fantastic project. Your Anderson shelter is amazing and so is the book to show how you did it. I’m sure you will remember making this for a long time. Your teacher will be truely impressed. A big “Well Done” from us.

  3. It’s a big WOW from Grandma and Grandad. What a brilliant model, Megan. Well done for all the hard work you put into it. We are really proud of you and what a good idea to write a book of how you put it all together. Thank you.

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