Pieces of eight!!

It’s Megan’s long awaited birthday – the days having been on the count down since our arrival in Cumbria.

This morning Megan and William were early to rise (and I mean EARLY) filled with excitement.  I had to pretend to be asleep a couple of times to keep them in their room, especially as I knew what was lurking beneath the pile of colourful wrapping paper.

By 6:15 it was no longer possible to contain the excitement…


Megan was very lucky and got exactly what she wanted but the stars of the show this year had to be the Karaoke machine (an upgrade to the microphone that was on the list) and the chemistry set.  The spinning plates have been challenging us all but we hope to have mastered them soon.  Here are a few snaps..

Let the singing begin!!!
Ready to make an explosion!!
A mad scientist indeed!!

A birthday wouldn’t be a birthday without cake.  I had planned to create something different this year using icing however Megan turned her nose up at my trial run.

The trial run…

She politely advised me that whilst it looked nice she didn’t like the taste of the icing and requested the old faithful chocolate cake with smarties and chocolate fingers so that’s what she got!!

The real Birthday Cake!!!

For the first time this holiday we had a very lazy day at the barn today playing with Megan’s new toys and mastering the soundtrack to Moana.  If you haven’t heard it yet you soon will – check back in later when we upload the video footage!!!

We only managed to get Megan out of her pajamas at tea time with the promise of a Red Lion dinner!!

Birthday curry at the Red Lion
The Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday Megan!  You are growing up so fast and it is lovely to see you shine in everything you do.  Whether its singing, spinning or a scientist – we have no doubt your future will be bright and we will continue to enjoy watching you grow.

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  1. “Happy Birthday Megan!”
    We’re glad you had a fantastic day and got lots of great presents … what a lucky girl!
    Enjoy your kitchen chemistry set … you certainly look like a mad scientist!
    Wishing you lots of love and birthday wishes.
    Clare and Tony

  2. Megan – we can see that you had a very happy eighth birthday. What a lot of very lovely presents and a special treat of a meal at the Red Lion. You’re a lucky girl.
    Grandad will be very interested to see your chemistry set – you look just like a real scientist in your safety googles!
    Finally, we totally agree with Mummy and Daddy’s comments about how you are growing up. We admire your enthusiasm and commitment. Keep it up and you will do very well in whatever you choose to do.
    With lots of love,
    Grannie Annie and Grandad xxxxxxxx

  3. Eight years old already – how time flies! What a lot of presents to open and enjoy on your special day.

    It’s lovely to see your enthusiasm and ability to tackle new things, Megan, and we know that you will do well in the future.

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