Torver to Coniston

In researching an alternative start to my walk on Wednesday I came across a car park I wasn’t familiar with and a quick search on the internet revealed:

This car park is above the village and is on the site of the long dismantled Coniston Railway station. This car park is ideal for those wishing to walk the Coniston Fells or ascend to the summit of the “Old Man” as it lies at the foot of the Walner Scar road, a popular access point to the fells. It is also possible to walk to Torver along the line of the railway from here.

The last sentence was duly noted and so today we decided to explore the route on bike and foot. We parked at the church in Torver and accessed the new cycle path via the car park at the rear of the Church House Inn.

The track is easy cycling in the main with only a very short 60 metre section on the road and as it follows the old railway line the gradient is perfect.

We had to walk some muddy sections

There are a number of gates along the route so the lead changed hands several times as we courteously held them open for each other.

Passing a lovely cottage

Megan and William rode their bikes and Mummy, Togo and I ran along behind. The route was just over 4 km long and took us forty minutes to complete.

Nearing Coniston

It was lunchtime when we arrived in Coniston so we headed straight for Meadowdore Café where we sat outside and enjoyed a lovely lunch on a table with an umbrella. We lingered for ice cream and coffee and waited for a brief rain shower to pass.

Quenching our thirst!

We had planned to head for the playground but decided that all the equipment would now be wet so decided instead to return to the car along the same route. As I ran along behind the children I was glad I hadn’t given in to temptation and ordered a large slice of chocolate fudge cake as pudding.

The sun was shining again as we reached the car so William and I had a kickabout with the football in the empty car park whilst Megan wrote in her notebook.

We returned to Holly Bank Barn after a short diversion along the east side of Coniston Water to reconnoitre a plan for tomorrow…

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  1. What an exciting adventure. Well done Megan and William for cycling to Coniston – and well done Mummy, Daddy and Togo for keeping up!! You all deserved your ice creams. X

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