Viking Day at CJS

Year 4 at CJS are learning about the Vikings and what better way than to have a dress up day at school. I am so glad appropriate Viking attire is an oversized t-shirt and dressing gown belt!!!

Enjoy your day Megan the Great – try not to stab anyone with those horns!!

Megan the Viking

Meanwhile, William has finally succumbed to the flu virus and has a high temperature (38.6) so is having a duvet day today.

Poorly boy 🙁

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  1. Wow, Megan – you look like an amazingly fierce Viking . . . we’re scared!!! Well done, Mummy for creating such a fantastic costume.
    Poor William – we’re sorry you’re not feeling well. Snuggle up in your duvet, have a good rest and you’ll soon our “bouncy boy” again. We hope Daddy is feeling better today.
    Love from Grannie Annie and Grandad xx

  2. What a surprise to see we have a Viking in the family! You look fantastic, Megan. Just how we imagined a Viking would look like. Well done. Pleased you enjoyed this project.

    Nice to see William snuggled up with his duvet but not so good to know he was poorly.

    Hope you are all fighting fit now!

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