Double Digits

At 9:49 on 24 August 2009 we welcomed our little girl into the world. Ten years later we are waking up on Megan’s birthday to an incredibly beautiful sunrise over Haweswater and the surrounding fells.

Sunrise at Haweswater

The good thing about 10 year olds, is they don’t wake up as early as new born babies so we had time to arrange a rather impressive stash of presents.

A birthday stash in the campervan

However…. the (only) downside of being in a campervan is that nothing you do is private, so it wasn’t long before two heads appeared from the pop top and the unwrapping began.

More presents!!
Even more presents!!

As a bookworm, there were numerous books to unwrap as well as LOL dolls, a ‘Let’s go Eevee’ game for her Nintendo Switch, a new Harry Potter board game and lots of cards – most of which seemed to contain money!!!

Megan, you have brought us more joy in the past ten years than you could imagine. Your love of life and empathy with others are just two of your most endearing qualities. You are beautiful inside and out and have such an amazingly creative imagination. The next 10 years will see you transform from a child into an adult, start (and finish) secondary school, learn to drive, fall in (and probably out) of love, and quite probably leave home (at least temporarily).

Hodding Carter once reported that good parents give their children both roots and wings. We are extremely proud of how grounded you already are and we look forward to watching you fly in the years to come..

Happy 10th birthday Megs xxxx

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  1. A lovely record of Megan’s birthday and great summary of the person she now is. A piece of prose that she will treasure and look back on for the rest of her life.

  2. Dear Megs
    How exciting to wake up on your special double digit birthday beside a lake with such a beautiful sunrise . . . . . and to find all your presents and cards had arrived too! Lovely smiley picture of you and William. X

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