Migrating South

From our new home in the North-West we will still be frequent visitors to the south to catch up with family and friends, including the rest of the Harker family.

It’s a 4.5 hour journey from Lowick to Maidenhead. If we time it right (and traffic is on our side) we can be with Grandma for a Swift House cooked breakfast. More practice required as we had to defer to lunch on this occasion !!!

Grandma and Uncle Gaz were pleased to see us when we arrived and we were lucky to be able to use the function room for our meal so Togo was able to join in too. He nearly had a feast of his own as the tame grey squirrels, who clearly know where to come for food scraps, had to beat a hasty retreat on more than one occasion.

After lunch we headed over to Cliveden Manor to catch up with Grandad. He was on good form having recently got a new wheelchair that he was clearly more comfortable in.

It was a blisteringly hot day and we were grateful for the air conditioning and freezer full of ice-creams we could help ourselves to.


There were also lots of toys for Megan and William to enjoy including a large dolls house and oversize dominoes that William enjoyed playing with Grandma.

Pile them up!!

After a happy afternoon with Grandad, we returned to Swift House for tea and cake before completing our journey back to Clanfield to finish packing and clearing our house ready for the big move. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to sample Grandma’s infamous chocolate cake on our next migration to the south!!!

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