As one door opens…

Another one closes…

Today, we close the door on our Clanfield home – not for the last time as we have the small matter of actually selling it, but this time definitely marks the end of an era and the start of our new life in Cumbria.

Farewell 58a

After what can only be described as an epic few weeks of de-cluttering, packing, cleaning, lifting and shifting we made it up to Cumbria in time for lunch. Clare and Tony were eagerly awaiting our arrival. Not because of we were going to be living around the corner from them and seeing them ALL THE TIME, but because of the intoxicating smell of homemade soup filling Holly Bank Barn that they had been resisting starting until our arrival!!!

After a hearty lunch Clare and I went to the new home at Langholme Mill to do some initial cleaning, sorting (making beds) and rationalising (packing away of breakables) whilst Tony and Lay took their charges for a walk – the Nibthwaite route in reverse.

We all reconvened at HBB for one of Clare’s delicious lasagna suppers and a good excuse to crack open a bottle of fizz (kindly given to me by one of my friends). A lovely start to our life as Cumbrian locals.

Cheers!! (Thanks Ross)

The new day brought an opportunity for Lay and I to unload the van and get organised at Langholme Mill ready for the start of family life here. Space is more limited than we are used to but this is no bad thing, allowing us to focus on time together as a family and enjoying the area we live in rather than being swamped with belongings.

After re-jigging furniture, a lot of unpacking and a trip to Asda, we returned to HBB. Not only had Clare and Tony entertained Megan, William and Togo for the day (exploring Fell Foot National Trust Property), but they had made yet another fabulous meal (a curry feast this time). However, after supper Clare and Tony waved us farewell (was it my imagination that they waved goodbye as eagerly as they greeted us 30 hours ago) and we made our way as a family to our new home at Langholme Mill.

Megan and William seemed thrilled with the set-up of their rooms and enjoyed a game of Labyrinth (Megan’s birthday present from Grandma and Grandad) in the communal area in William’s room. This gave Lay and I a chance to sit and reflect on just how lucky we are.

Happy children in their new home
Happy Lay in ‘his’ chair!!

We feel very lucky to have this opportunity to relocate to Cumbria. Sitting in our new home we feel grateful that not only did the right job come up, at the right time, in the right place (something I actually said in my job interview), but that we are lucky to have such supportive family and friends who have all helped get us here today.

Footnote: Of course when I said we would be seeing Clare and Tony all the time I was only joking – it’s Grannie Annie Annie and Grandad they have to worry about!!!!!

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