Over the hills and off to school we go

The Harker family woke with excitement this morning as it was finally time to put on crisp school uniform and head off to their new school – Pennington CofE Primary School, where Megan was joining year 6 and William year 3.

The morning went incredibly smoothly as the new uniforms had been tried on, name-labelled and laid out ready to put on the night before. P.E. kits were bagged and ready to go in their new school bags which were lined up by the front door. Packed lunches were made, water bottles filled and waterproof coats at the ready (well we are in Cumbria!!)

After breakfast, a quick photo opportunity and a gaze at the view (still have to pinch myself every time I look out of the window) we set off on the new school run.

Showing off the new uniform by our front door
Admiring the view
Our commute!!
Quick snapshot of Hoad Monument and Morecambe Bay from the car window!
Outside the school gates

Megan and William were lucky to have had the opportunity to meet Mrs Storey (the Headteacher) over the summer holidays and had already had a tour of the school. Mrs Storey was at the school gates ready to greet the children and immediately remembered Megan and William and greeted them by name. We were asked to wait nearby until some children from their class arrived to show them around. First we met Emily (the other new year 6 pupil) and her mum Jill, who had moved from Lincoln over the summer. Shortly after, two girls from their class arrived and were asked to show them around.

I then headed to the office to pick up the forms and leave emergency contact numbers, leaving Lay with William who was soon met by Ollie – a keen footballer who’s dad runs the local team.

Both children then disappeared off with their new friends and the bell rang marking the start of registration. We had spotted one of the local nursery staff dropping off children from the breakfast club so took the opportunity to ask about getting registered and booked in for the days we needed cover. Having picked up the necessary forms, Lay and I decided to explore the surroundings on foot to explore alternative parking places. There is a lovely footpath close to the school that leads to a small play area in Pennington Village. We are likely to target this in future so we can ‘park and stride’ rather than battle with the school traffic each day.

We returned to Langholme Mill the same way we came, with stunning views of the Cumbrian Fells as far as your eye could see. Unfortunately there was terribly slow moving traffic en-route and we got caught in the tail-back!!

Traffic jam – Cumbrian style!!

I am not sure the day could have started any better. Megan and William took the start of school in their stride and we are extremely proud of them for conquering any pre-school nerves and getting on with it. The commute is simply stunning and I can’t see us getting bored of the ever changing views of the landscape as we make the journey each day.

Lay and I returned to the school for pick up at 3pm. We were delighted to see two smiling faces emerge from their classrooms and hear all about their new friends and the things they had been up to. Megan had to crack on with homework when she got home (things start to get serious in year 6) and whilst sitting with her at the kitchen table the view opened up as if to reward us.

Mountains, upon mountains, upon mountains.

Another tick for Cumbrian life – the jigsaw is almost complete…

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  1. A lovely account of a very successful and exciting day. We look forward to helping with the school run next week – we promise we won’t “bleat” about the slow traffic! Enjoy your new life – see you all next week.
    Love GA & GD xx

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