Lighting up the town

The lantern festival is an annual community festival featuring a spectacular lantern procession through the streets of Ulverston. Member of the community create their paper lanterns in the weeks and months leading up to the event, following the organisers theme – this year being ‘fantastical beasts’.

As newcomers to the area and the first time we have been here to experience this spectacle we were keen to see the procession and headed down to Ulverston with Clare and Tony and Grannie Annie and Grandad, who were also up in Cumbria.

Our evening started by the sculpture that marks the start of the Cumbria Way. It represents a compass with a cairn in the centre. The cairn contains rocks that are representative of the geology along the route and the route is shown on the site together with OS map references of key points. It just happened that the fairground was also in this location!!

Ulverston town centre and fairground

Before we had time to be relieved of too much money at the fair the procession was underway….

The procession
Fantastical beasts!

We then made our way to the town centre where all four processions joined together to parade to Ford Park where we were able to get close to some of the impressive lanterns that had been created.


After a short wait, we were treated to a spectacular fireworks display in Ford Park, with Sir John Barrow Monument lit up on Hoad Hill towering above us.


How great to be able to witness first hand the festival we have heard so much about. Who knows – maybe next year we can make our own lanterns and be part of the action!!

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