Wolf cubs adventure

Having had an incredibly positive scouting experience with 1st Clanfield, we were very keen to find an equally active group in Cumbria and we think we have landed on our feet with 2nd Ulverston.

Megan and William were incredibly lucky to be offered places in both cubs and beavers as both groups were technically full, but felt obliged to accommodate existing members that were relocating. Whilst William discovered a number of his new friends from school and football were also in his Beaver Colony, Megan had an opportunity to make a new set of scouting friends. Her fist meeting in the scout hut was learning rope skills as we fount out that there was a camp planned for later in the month. Her second week was mountain biking on Birkrigg Common and then Megan showed great courage by signing up for the camp.

As the date of the camp approached, the Cumbrian weather decided to throw a spanner in the works and the camp was cancelled at the last minute amongst much disappointment. However, all was not lost as the ghyll scrambling trip had already been paid for, there was an opportunity to sign up for a day trip instead. Megan eagerly put her name forward.

In the morning of the trip the cubs were collected from the scout hut and transported to Tilberthwaite Ghyll in the groups minibus. Here they got changed into wetsuits, jackets, buoyancy aids and helmets and were led to the Ghyll by the instructors.

The ‘before’ picture

The next few hours were clearly action packed, wet and wild. Thanks to the photographs from the cub leaders Amanda and Dave, we can all enjoy the experience….

Off they go
So far so good!!
Getting serious now!!

Wow – what a day!!!

Megan showed true courage to not only take on such a challenge but also to do so when she was so new to the group and had no established friendships to rely on for support. Sometimes being thrown into the deep end (quite literally) is the way to go and this will be an experience she will remember forever!!!!

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  1. Dear Megs
    An exciting day – you were very courageous to have such a fine adventure. I wish I could have done ghyll scrambling when I was 10 – I’d still like to do it NOW!!!
    Love GA xx

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