Getting creative with space

Our temporary home is more than adequate. It has everything we need with tremendous view on top. However, we sometimes struggle to find a quiet space to knuckle down to some homework as our only table is in the kitchen.

I had a cunning plan to create a second work space today using the extension piece of the kitchen table over two bedside cabinets to make a fairly impressive looking desk.

Makeshift desk
Cracking on with homework

Megan was so impressed with the set up she set to work on her homework straight away. Long may it last!!

It is now being used to play schools with Megan at the helm and William head boy. I wonder if this is a glimpse into her future career!

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  1. Dear Megs and Will
    You will make a very good head teacher and head boy. We’ll have to be on our best behaviour when we see you on Thursday! Love GA and GD xx

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