To the back of beyond

Whilst William and Lay headed off to Ulverston for a football party William had been invited to, Megan and I took Togo for a walk with Clare, Tony and Molly.

I am not sure exactly where we went but we seemed to be in the gap between some of our more frequently trodden paths. We set off from Blawith, headed through Tottlebank and onto Blawith Knott (I think) where we had wonderful views of all our familiar walks including the paths to Beacon Tarn, Great Burney and even as far as Walney Island – our most recent find. Whilst the views of the fells to the north were hidden by cloud today, they are reportedly spectacular.

Admiring the view
A good perch!

Noticing a menacing looking bank of rain over the off-shore wind farm we didn’t rest for long before continuing our journey taking the steep path south down Blawith Knott and then following the bridleway back to Tottlebank where we re-traced our steps back to the car.

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  1. You had a better view than I did when I ran up Blawith Knott last week. Then I could hardly see as far as Togo’s tail in the hill fog

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