Back to the beach

Keen to share the beautiful beaches with Grannie Annie and Grandad (who we know would appreciate the vast sandy beaches given their love of Rhossilli Bay) we headed down in the van for a blow of sea air.

The tide was abit further out on this visit revealing some really interesting wave patterns on the sand.

Nature and nurture

We virtually had the beach to ourselves and could walk for miles and miles….. so we did!!

We had the place to ourselves
Happy Days!

And the children could let off as much steam as they needed to without annoying anyone else!!

Loud days!!

As we made our way back to the van, the setting sun created a wonderful atmosphere on the beach.

Creative days!

I have no doubt this has become a favourite place to relax, stroll, talk, walk and while away the afternoon. I wonder how long it will be before we venture in the water!!!!

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