Hi-de Hi-de Hi ……. Hoad-e Hoad-e Hoad

It must have felt a bit like Butlins when a coach load of Pennington pupils descended (or should that be ascended) onto Hoad Hill for the morning.

William and his fellow yr3 and yr4 classmates were luck enough to have a school trip to the iconic Sir John Barrow Monument and even got a tour of the inside (something on my someday one day wish list).

Most of the school activities feature in social media (usually the schools facebook page or twitter feed) and I managed to download a couple of great shots of William…

Working AND smiling!!!
William and his new pal Kayden

We are really pleased that both Megan and William are getting a lot of outdoor learning experiences at Pennington. I wonder how high (m AOD) they will reach during their time at the school.

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