Great Burney and Great Bridges

Today was a show and tell afternoon at school so parents could admire all the topic work each year group had produced over the half term. William’s year were proudly displaying their light projects. It was clear William’s efforts to make had not gone unnoticed as he got a second special mention. The year 6 World War 2 topic revealed lots of Anderson shelters and evacuee stories – something Megan was very proud to show us.

Taking advantage of taking an afternoon off work we decided today would be a good day to invite a friend round for tea – especially as the school disco was also on that evening so we could do the drop off and pick up from school saving parents the trouble given our remote location.

Whilst William’s friend Kayden (from school and football) was able to make it both Amber and Lilly were not which left Megan at a loose end…. or so she thought!!

Great Burney views

I asked Megan if she wanted to test out the route to the top of Great Burney with me. She leapt at the chance. Thinking we were going to be short of time, we drove up past Gawthwaite to the foot of the ridge. We need not have worried however as it only took us 8 minutes from the car to the summit!!! We extended our return journey to make a nice 30 minute circuit – a good route to have up our sleeves if we are short of time.

Meanwhile, Kayden and William enjoyed exploring the garden before building dens inside.

Enjoying the Langholme Mill bridges

After a quick pizza supper there was just time to get spruced up ready for the school disco.

An action packed day and lovely penultimate day of their first half term at Pennington School.

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