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With the upheaval of moving from the south coast to the north west, changing schools, settling into our temporary home and starting a new job, we had left approaching clubs until mid-September. However, once underway with all of that, we set our mind to out of school clubs including finding a new football team for William.

We soon realised that all the local teams had recruited their quota of players for the 2019/20 season. This was also true for Swarthmoor JFC but whilst unable to offer a place on the team William was lucky to get offered a spot training with Swarthmoor’s U8 team.

Joining in with the weekly training sessions, William’s talent and ability on the pitch shone through and it wasn’t long before he was invited to join the team for a friendly match and shortly after a place on the team for the league matches opened up.

As Lay is not actively part of the coaching team or been called up for referee duty (yet) he dusted off his camera to take some action shots of the team playing. On this occasion Swarthmoor were taking on Ulverston Rangers. This was an interesting match as we had also approached Ulverston Rangers for a place for William but had no response. It turns out this match is a bit of a local derby of rival teams so tensions were high at the start.

I think Lay managed to catch some great shots – demonstrating he still has what it takes!

William in defence
Supporting his teammate.
That ball clearly had some power by the look of the opposition!!

On this occasion Swarthmoor claimed a comfortable win – the oppositions coaches recognising they were the better team on that occasion.

We feel very lucky to have found a team with dedicated coaches, friendly parents and a great team of players. Even better, with training on a weeknight and fortnightly matches we still get to have every other weekend free for our Cambrian adventures.

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