While the boys play….

Whilst William and Lay were occupied playing football at the Ulverston Rangers GSK ground at Canal Foot, Megan and I decided to take Togo for a walk. As Clare has daughter-in-law duties in Ulverston on Saturdays she planned to join us for a stomp up Hoad Hill as soon as she was free.

Megan and I set off along the canal path to find it was lined with large anchors that had been decorated by local schools, organisations and businesses. We later discovered this event was held annually to raise money and awareness for the rolling bridge along the canal.

The canal anchors

We were pleased to spot Clare along the canal and Megan ran ahead to join her. Once together we made our way to the foot of Hoad Hill and started our ascent.

Megan took the steep path and beat us both to the top, where we were all rewarded with an empty bench and wonderful views!

Made it!
Sir John Barrow monument.

Our return journey took us around the back (north side) of the monument and skirting the large houses on the outskirts of Ulverston before popping out into ford park by the play area.

At this point Megan decided she needed a comfort break so we made our way to ford park cafe where we not only used the facilities, but we saw a wedding party entering the walled gardens for the ceremony. The temptation of a coffee and cream tea proved irresistible so our walk ended with us chilling in the cafe.

Ladies who lunch!!

Could this be the start of ladies that lunch…. we could certainly imagine Grannie Annie beetling up the path from their new home overlooking the park to join us in future!!

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