Campervan curry in a hurry!

Well… it would be rude NOT to use the campervan at least once during our half term holiday…. so we did!!

On this occasion we decided to take Megan and William to the little wild camp spot Lay and I had discovered earlier in the year and do an overnight stopover in advance of a grand day out in the hills we had planned for the following day.

It was starting to turn dusky when we arrived at the site so by the time we had set up the camper and fitted the insulated covers on the pop top we found ourselves cooking tea in the dark (or at least Megan did!!)

We used the saucepan on the Cobb to cook the chicken before adding a homemade Korma sauce Lay had kindly prepared earlier.

Megan in charge of the Cobb

Pairing this with some boil in the bag rice, naan breads (baked in the moat under the saucepan), poppadoms and mango chutney I am sure you will agree this was a true campervan feast – thanks Megs.

Taa daa – yum yum!!

With clean plates and full tummies it wasn’t long before we found our beds so we would be bright eyed and bushy tailed (the latter being quite literally true for one member of the family) ready to make an early start in the morning.

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  1. Well done Megs for cooking a delicious curry. The perfect start to another exciting outdoor adventure. It’s great to see the campervan being so well used. Terrific.

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