Yewbarrow – You bet ya!

Wainwright No. 122 – 2,058ft (627m)

The decision to wild camp around the corner of the rendezvous point for the start of the walk served us well and by the time Clare and Tony arrived the eggy bread was underway and eagerly enjoyed by everyone!

Enjoying the versitility of the campervan

After a short faff, we set off on our walk just about on the agreed start time of 8:30. It wasn’t long before we got our first glimpse of our target – the very pointy peak of Yewbarrow.

Our mission – Yewbarrow (628 m AOD)

Before we could embark on the more interesting scramble to the summit we had to conquer the steep foothill. We were however rewarded with wonderful view of Wast Water with the shady scree slopes from Illgill head falling into the water.

Clare and I enjoying the view whilst the others catch up
(psst….I won’t tell if you don’t!)

The scrambling added an extra dimension to the walk and this was clearly the most enjoyable part of the day for William, who shot ahead with Tony, whilst some of us took a little longer to enjoy the views an admire the rock climbers.

As we gained height we gained the narrow ridge above the great door. Here I spotted Lay and Megan silhouetted above me – a must have photo opportunity.

The airy ridge on Yewbarrow

Shortly after the ridge we reached the summit where I snapped a summit selfie with my family. I think the altitude must have got to them!!!

Bunch of weirdo’s

Lay then informed us this may not actually be the summit so we trudged along to the next summit (which was clearly lower than the first) and just an excuse to make us walk the entire summit plateau. William however had enough time for a spot of summit meditation!!


We retraced our steps to a path that led us back down the valley, taking the opportunity to stop for lunch whilst we were still high enough to enjoy the views.


The descent was just as steep and unforgiving as the ascent – I was cursing myself for forgetting my poles as they would have been very welcome.

Back at base we had a brew and a slice of Clare’s delicious Apple and Walnut cake before going our separate ways.

A great peak to have ticked off the list. Its distinctive shape makes it an easy spot from nearby peaks in an area we are bound ti re-visit time and time again in our Lakeland adventure.

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